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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Noreen and Sean Featured in the Limelight | The Don Cesar | St. Petersburg Beach, FL | St. Petersburg Beach Wedding Photography

Noreen and Sean had a beautiful destination wedding day in St. Petersburg, FL at the Don Cesar. These two had a great start to the new year with a sweet seaside wedding ceremony, and a lovely dinner reception with their closest friends and family. It was great to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Cake ~ Don Cesar 
Caterer ~ Don Cesar 
Ceremony Site ~ Don Cesar
Florist ~ Jeanne Lauren
Hairstylist ~ Lili's Weddings
Invitations ~ Etsy
Make-up Artist ~ Lili's Weddings 
Reception Venue ~ Don Cesar 
 photo 1215NoreenSeanSTORY.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0056.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0181.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0088.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0138.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0094.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0156.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0161.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0173.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0186.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0187.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0229.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0388.jpg   photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0513.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0254.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0276.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0269.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0273.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0530.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0307.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0324.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0347.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0363.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0349.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0351.jpg    photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0362.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0357.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0364.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0365.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0369.jpg   photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0373.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0376.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0379.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0382.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0384.jpg   photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0395.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0398.jpg  photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0405.jpg   photo 1215NoreenSeanAF0432.jpg

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