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Monday, March 9, 2015

Alyx and Tim Featured in the Limelight | Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

What else are you supposed to do when you meet your soul mate at work besides marry them? Alyx and Tim were both selected to be a part of a year-long leader development program offered by their company, Mosaic. They worked at different sites and the first time they met was at the Palmetto Club in October 2011. A couple of months later, Alyx and Tim happened to pull up next to each other at the traffic light on Causeway and Providence on their way home from work. As it turned out, they both drove over 45 minutes to work but lived very close to each other. They became running partners and trained together for local races. Before long, they were spending all of their time together and as the Best Man put it "For as long as I can remember, it was always Alyx and Tim".

Two years after that first meeting at work, Tim surprised Alyx with a weekend getaway on a private sailboat out of St. Pete Marina. It was a beautiful sunny weekend in Tampa Bay and the weather was perfect for sailing. On Saturday, they dropped anchor in front of beautiful Egmont Key and that's where Tim popped the question.

It was important to them that the ceremony was central for all of their family, and included Tim's daughter, who had a tulle dress that matched Alyx's wedding gown! They selected the Embassy Suites Downtown for their elegant and classically styled wedding and reception. With glittering accents of silver and gold to complement the silvery gray, Alyx and Tim and their families shined from the inside out, dancing the night away! Congratulations, Alyx and Tim!

Photography by Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer: Heather Kline
Assisted by: Erica Csaltos
Venue and Catering: Embassy Suites
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding Gown: White Closet Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses:  David's Bridal
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0000Collage.jpg

 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0040.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0017.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0036.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0044.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0071.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0125.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0054.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0070.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0102.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0138.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0141.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0154.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0306.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0469.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0464.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0474.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0481.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0484.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0493.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0494.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0575.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0799.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0856.jpg
 photo 2.28.15AlyxTimHK0852.jpg 

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