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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Krystal and Daniel Step into the Limelight | Steinbrenner Field | Tampa, FL | Tampa Engagement Photography

I met up with Krystal and Daniel at the Steinbrenner stadium in Tampa for their engagement session. We had so much fun in the big open field taking pictures, and being that Daniel is a huge, huge fan of the Yankees, this was the perfect place for them! It was great to work with these two and congrats on the engagement! :)

 photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0004.jpg   photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0010.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0011.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0012.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0017.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0027.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0030.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0021.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0022.jpg photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0034.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0035.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0037.jpg    photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0050.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0056.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0058.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0069.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0071.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0077.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0080.jpg   photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0083.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0086.jpg  photo 2.13.15KrystalDanielAF0090.jpg

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