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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Robin and Dave Featured in the Limelight | Florida Aquarium, Tampa FL | Tampa Wedding Photographer

Robin & Dave had such a unique ceremony... it's not everyday you get married with a beautiful floor to ceiling aquarium as your backdrop.  It was such a beautiful day full of happiness and love.  Robin and Dave are such a super sweet couple, we had such a great time working with them and capturing their special day for them to remember forever.
Congratulations to this amazing couple!!

Some of the amazing vendors that helped make Robin & Dave's wedding day perfect...

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Alfred Angelo
Cake ~ Publix
Caterer ~ Aramark {Marry Hetinger}
Ceremony & Reception Site ~ Florida Aquarium
Florist ~
Hair Stylist & Make up ~ A Beautiful You {Karen Boni}
Invitations ~ Invitations by Dawn
Videographer ~ AVStat Media {Kristen Wey}
Wedding Gown ~ The Perfect Dress
Draping ~ Grand Events

 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC000collage.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0009_1.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0022_1.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0038_1.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0061_1.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0088_1.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0100.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0104.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0106.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0126.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0138.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0154.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0171.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0182.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0210.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0230.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0248.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0266.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0270.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0276.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0288.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0326.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0331.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0335.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0341.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0344.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0347.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0353.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0361.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0368.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0382.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0406.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0442.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0445.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0477.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0521.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0523.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0531.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0580.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0582.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0587.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0589.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0591.jpg
 photo 2.28.15RobinDaveCC0597.jpg

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