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Friday, April 24, 2015

Nadia and Kris are Featured in the Limelight | The Don Vicente | Ybor, Florida Weddings

The morning was bright. A beautiful day to start a marriage between two amazing people, Nadia and Kris. We started exactly at ceremony time which is not typical as we usually capture getting ready photos beforehand, so we had not seen Nadia. Boy, was it exciting to see Nadia for the first time walk down the aisle! Along with the following moments of her father choking up as he gave her away to Kris gave me chill bumps, what a beautiful moment to capture and behold! I see how the element of surprise can be such a beautiful thing, working before the ceremony we tend to forget the awe guests, family and most importantly the grooms feel when they see their bride for the first time. The ceremony was an emotional, gorgeous one held at the Historic Don Vicente.
We just loved this couple through and through. You can see their love and respect for one another just shine! They were so kind, willing to do whatever with ease and just so much fun to work with ~ Congratulations Nadia and Kris, May God Continue To Bless You in Your Marriage as You Grow Together as a Family!!  Here are some favorites of that day!

Ceremony ~ The Don Vicente
Reception ~ Jackson's Bistro
Wedding Gown ~ BHLDN

 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakestoryboard.jpg

 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00047.jpg
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00072.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00074.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00081.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00097.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00111.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00124.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00216.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00220.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00238.jpg
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00319.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00329.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00336.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00348.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00353.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00368.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00381.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00402.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00404.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00427.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00447.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00464.jpg
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00495.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00513.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00535.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00546.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00550.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00707.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00989.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00991.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO01033.jpg
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO00069.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO01085.jpg 
 photo 4.11.15NadiaIatsenkoandKrisDrakeJO01101.jpg

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