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Monday, April 27, 2015

Erin and Casey Featured in the Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

Erin and Casey met on New Year's Eve in 2005 where they attended a street party at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando, Florida. Both joined the same group a friends for the celebration, even though they had never met each other before. Over the course of the evening, they danced, drank champagne, and of course there was a kiss at midnight. Corks popped and sparks flew. The picture on this page is from the night they met. New Year's Eve remains a very special holiday for Erin and Casey.

These two often visit the beach together, and enjoy boating and hiking together. In fact, we took a boat ride to an island for their engagement session! And so it was on the moonlit night when Casey proposed that they were walking along Lido Beach together.

The beach was part of the inspiration for their wedding theme, as starfish and seashells made peekaboo appearances in the decor. A coral, champagne, and gold color scheme added an upscale elegance that paired with the Powel Crosley Estate perfectly, and set the tone for a romantic and fun wedding for Erin and Casey to enjoy among many close friends and family. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Lead Photographer | Heather Kline
Assisted by | Erica Csaltos

Wedding Coordination | NK Productions
Cake | Cakes by Ron
Music Entertainment | Jonathan Cortez
Lighting | Affairs in the Air
Videographer | Randall Productions
Bridesmaid Dresses | David's Bridal
Bridal Gown | Jon's Bridal
Tuxedos | Men's Warehouse
Ceremony Music | Peter Simms, Guitar
Makeup Artist | Laura Murfey
Hairstylist | Scissors Corporation

 photo 04.12.15ErinCaseyHK0000Collage.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0120.jpg  
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0091.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0183.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0133.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0583.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0239.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0243.jpg   photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0367.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0346.jpg   photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0445.jpg 
   photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0476.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0574.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0620.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0625.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0640.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0667.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0772.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0884.jpg
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0872.jpg  
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0920.jpg
    photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0927.jpg  photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0930.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK1123.jpg  
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK1237.jpg 
 photo 04.12.15ErinRoweCaseyGuideraHK0949.jpg 

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