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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Devon and Rino Featured in the Limelight | Westin Tampa Bay | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Devon and Rino were married in a modern and beautiful wedding at The Westin Tampa Bay!  The newlyweds said their vows in a stunning ceremony located on the roof top deck with a gorgeous view of Tampa Bay and celebrated with their friends and family in an elegant reception in the Grand Ballroom.  This amazing couple was such a pleasure to work with and I loved the casual atmosphere and beautiful spring colors they chose to accent their day.  The Westin Tampa Bay was the perfect venue for the couple to highlight the modern and urban feel to their wedding day!  The decor in the hotel matched their wedding perfectly and my favorite moments were taken inside a gorgeous glass wine room and up on the roof top deck with just the two of them after their ceremony!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bevis!

Photography by Limelight Photography 

Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald
Assistant Photographer | Michael Tunnell 

Ceremony Site | Westin Tampa Bay Blu Vu 
Event Planner | Katie Olender
Florist & Decor | Creations by Mylez Edward

 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0001_zpsxfnnq6qu.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0002_zpszaj35fq7.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0003_zpsn0randon.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0004_zpsi6wb2jvu.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0006_zpswjgtdgcp.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0005_zpsrre49qai.jpg

 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0007_zpsnxdh6dlp.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0008_zpstmxa8fqq.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0009_zpskk5y5w57.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0010_zpses318yzq.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0011_zpsoaaopmvq.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0012_zpsec3yfpqq.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0013_zpsymluxr4u.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0014_zpsowr6jusi.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0015_zpstl1oimcc.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0016_zpsw9jfvi3j.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0017_zpslmdjiwdm.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0018_zpslf4oqidb.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0019_zpsb21osvtk.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0020_zpsxxvprj8h.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0021_zps20hmpdtq.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0022_zpsjxd9zulp.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0023_zps0ctea0b7.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0024_zpsyljcupiw.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0025_zpszksln9er.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0026_zpsc5fanx0i.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0027_zpskkzb4rg0.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0028_zpsu8cw1ccr.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0029_zpsunnu7hsn.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0030_zpsnj45678j.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0031_zps9vn2fz9s.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0032_zpsj7xfizs7.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0033_zpskjw5ys9s.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0034_zpsksutf6c5.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0035_zpscwqdqnyq.jpg
 photo 4.11.15DevonRinoSM_0036_zps1dmwtmtp.jpg

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