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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sandra and Cres Featured in the Limelight | St. Paul's Church | Avila Golf and Country Club | Tampa, FL | Tampa Wedding Photography

Sandra and Cres had such a fun wedding day with lots of energy and spunk. Many friends and family joined these two in saying their I do's in a beautiful ceremony at St. Paul's and guests then made their way over to Avila where DJ Felix got the party started and everyone danced the night away! It was a blast celebrating these two and they were so much fun to work with! Congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Band/DJ ~ DJ Felix
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Emelinas Bridal
Event Planner ~ Byron Rodriguez
Florist ~ Eyleen Blossom Events
Invitations ~ The Write Stuff
Wedding Gown ~ Emelinas Bridal

 photo 4.11.15SandraCresSTORY.jpg photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0173.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0056.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0214.jpg  photo SandraBridalPortraitsAF0009.jpg photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0097.jpg   photo SandraBridalPortraitsAF0029.jpg photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0236.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0386.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0380.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0298.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0439.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0522.jpg    photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0531.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0532.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0533.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0534.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0550.jpg    photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0647.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0648.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0680.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0710.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0712.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0724.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0729.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0732.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0741.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0043.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0743.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0750.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0754.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0757.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0980.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1097.jpg photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0984.jpg   photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1086.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF0762.jpg photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1088.jpg       photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1103.jpg    photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1113.jpg    photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1119.jpg  photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1092.jpg photo 4.11.15SandraCresAF1121.jpg  

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