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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shannon and Justin Featured in the Limelight | Marco Ocean Beach Resort | Marco Island, FL Wedding Photography

They met in college, but it wasn't until three years on New Year's after Shannon had spent time traveling the world with her best friend that Shannon and Justin reconnected. They'd begged their friends to keep them apart, but with the clock struck midnight and they moved in for the New Year's kiss, it all began, and they were inseparable from that moment on. They took a trip together to the Alps for a skiing trip, and just as they were in the middle of a slope at the top of the Stubai Glacier, he proposed with a family heirloom vintage engagement ring. She said yes, and after they safely made it to the bottom of the slope, the celebration and planning began! Since they both love the beach, they chose Marco Ocean Beach resort for its view of the clear, Caribbean-like waters, and opted for a beachside ceremony. A color scheme of coral and seaglass turquoise complemented the venue and the location, with touches of starfish throughout the decor. Justin is the calm, reason, and logic to Shannon's wild, adventurous spirit, and she is the spice to his serenity. They are yin and yang, and every moment of the day was filled with both tears of joy and guffawing belly laughs. Congratulations, Shannon and Justin, and may your marriage bring you more travels, adventures, and belly laughs together!

Photography | Limelight Photography

Lead Photographer | Heather Kline
Assisted by | Erica Csaltos

Venue and Catering | Marco Ocean Beach Resort
Event Planner | Galina Manovska
Ceremony Music | Tal-Ent Productions
Florist | Focus Floral
Hair Stylist | Hope Artistry
Make-Up | Duality Artistry
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding Gown | Pronovias
Bridesmaids Dresses | Donna Morgan

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