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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mary and Justin Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Palms Country Club, Tampa FL | Tampa FL Wedding Photography

Mary and Justin were married overlooking a beautiful pond and golf course.  It was an amazing ceremony with Justin entering to a bagpipe and Mary entering on a horse and carriage.  The reception was spectacular with so many beautiful details including a cookie table, a cigar bar, an amazing cake, flip flops for the guests, and more.  Everything was adorned in flowers and candlelight that gave a romantic ambiance.  I am so honored to have been a part of their wedding day, Mary and Justin are a lovely couple, their love for each other is so evident in the way they look at each other.
Congratulations Mary and Justin!

Lead Photographer: Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer: Stephanie Duffiny

Some of the other vendors that helped to make this wedding perfect

DJ ~ Jonathon Cortez
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Brides by Demetrios
Cake ~ Sweet Tweets Cakery
Caterer ~ Tampa Palms
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Tampa Palms
Event Planner ~ Nini Massey
Invitations ~ Lili V The Company and Assoc. Inc
Make-up Artist ~ Elisa Vee
Hair Stylist ~ April Marshall
Videographer ~ Voila Cinematic
Wedding Gown ~ Brides by Demetrios
Ceremony Music ~ The Alafia String Quartet
Horse & Carriage ~ Avalon West Carriage Service
Bag Piper ~ Sean

 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0105.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0166.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0168.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0175.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0204.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0285.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0342.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0346.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0364.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0418.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0472.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0526.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0530.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0547.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0588.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0596.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0682.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0742.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0744.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0757.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0762.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0805.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0807.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0809.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0810.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0813.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0843.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0942.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0958.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC0987.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1080.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1084.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1127.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1149.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1320.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1330.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1332.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1440.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1470.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1472.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1488.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1493.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1527.jpg
 photo 5.23.15MaryJustinCC1533.jpg

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