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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kalyn and Matt Featured in the Limelight | Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf and Spa Resort | Palm Harbor, FL Wedding Photography

Who knew they would go 250 miles north to meet one another, when they grew up 5 miles down the road from each other. Matt and Kalyn went to the same high school but had never met. They were introduced through mutual friends while going to school at Florida State University. Kalyn was a freshman and Matt, a junior.  Their first date was a sorority/fraternity function. It was a cold winter night up in Tallahassee, well as cold as winter nights are in Florida. They enjoyed a night out in the middle of nowhere with a bonfire and a hayride. They continued going out with friends, eating dinners and spending countless hours together. They had an absolute blast throughout college, made it through two years of long distance as Kalyn finished up school and the rest of the stories and memories continued.
Matt and Kalyn had been together almost eight years when they got engaged. Their families were starting to drop the hints about getting married, but they were so happy and enjoying themselves that they always played it off. Kalyn had no clue that their date night was going to turn into one of the best nights of her life, especially since she had canceled this same dinner a month before because she was sick. Matt never once gave a hint of what was to come, even though he had the ring and asked her dad months before. He did not tell her where they were going; all he said was we are going somewhere nice and neither one of us have been before. The sun had already gone down and it was a windy night in March while they were out on the patio. Kalyn told him she was a bit cold and when he put his jacket around her, he gave her a big hug and next thing Kalyn remembers was that he had a ring in his hand. He asked her to marry him as she laughed and cried all at one time. They enjoyed a glass of champagne and cheered to the memories they have already had in those wonderful eight years and the many more that were now to come!

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 
Intern | Savannah Cuttitta

Band | Black Honkeys

Bridesmaids Dresses: CC’s Boutique

Cake: Innisbrook Bakery
Calligrapher: Monica Ficarrotta
 Caterer: Innisbrook Resort
Ceremony Musician | Lemay James 
 Ceremony Site: Innisbrook 
D├ęcor and Florist
| MMD Events 
Hair Stylist: Nicole 
Invitations: Inviting Business

Make-up Artist: Eugeina 
Officiant | The Honorable Judge Ron Ficarrotta 
 Photo Booth | Shutterbooth 
Reception Venue | Innisbrook 
Videographer | Caleb Randall Productions

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