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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tonia and Ari Step into the Limelight | Fort De Soto State Park | St. Petersburg, FL Engagement Photography

I met with Tonia and Ari on a beautiful evening at Fort De Soto State Park for a lovely engagement session!  This amazing couple is getting married this upcoming weekend so it was great to meet them and work with them prior to their big day!  We had gorgeous light and a beautiful sunset the evening of our session and I loved the sweet moments I was able to capture!

Photography by Limelight Photography
Photographer | Sarah McDonald 

 photo collage0001_zpsaknbealo.jpg
 photo collage0002_zpsw0gygthh.jpg
 photo collage0003_zps55lzux6h.jpg
 photo collage0004_zpshiofa6nw.jpg
 photo collage0005_zpsp60tetie.jpg
 photo collage0006_zpsmohyz0qo.jpg
 photo collage0007_zpsigaimacn.jpg
 photo collage0008_zpsetf12ggg.jpg
 photo collage0009_zpsbb01y9e2.jpg
 photo collage0010_zpseqlslorq.jpg
 photo collage0011_zpssfjf7gge.jpg
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 photo collage0014_zps7vt4obcj.jpg
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 photo collage0019_zpshcyhgzc2.jpg
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 photo collage0027_zps2vgesanp.jpg
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