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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kristina and Ryan Step into the Limelight | University of Tampa | Tampa, FL Engagement

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to photograph Kristina and Ryan's engagement and meet their lil doggies. We met up only 2 days before their big move to New York so whether rain or shine the session was going to happen. Luckily, right before the session the rain let up and we had the University of Tampa almost completely to ourselves. They will be back down for their March wedding in Tampa AND St. Pete. Here are a few favorites from their engagement!

 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00014.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00022.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00033.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00035.jpg  photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00040.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00046.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00051.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00059.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00071.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00073.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00079.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00094.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00121.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00129.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00137.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00152.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00157.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00169.jpg 
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00179.jpg    
 photo 6.26.15KristinaKubaandRyanSaldanaJO00193.jpg

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