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Friday, August 7, 2015

Destiny and Reinaldo Featured in the Limelight | La Jolla Ballroom | Coral Gables, FL Wedding Photography

It must have been destiny. Not the bride, but instead, simple fate. Destiny and Reinaldo lived on opposite sides of the state, but happened to meet up one night and immediately hit it off. In fact, Reinaldo was so sure Destiny was his perfect match, that before he'd even asked Destiny to move in, he gave his roommate his one month's notice! So it was that on 10.10.10, a flame was kindled. Three years later, they decided to take their first vacation together to Jamaica. They arrived at Sandals All-Inclusive Grand Riviera on 4.26.13 and checked into the hotel and then relaxed and went to dinner that night. The next day they went to the pool and walked around the resort and enjoyed themselves. That evening they decided they wanted to go to the fancy restaurant for dinner called Valentino's. They had a very romantic 3 course meal and when it was time to order dessert they did, but Reinaldo excused himself and went to the restroom. Destiny looked over and Reinaldo was coming back with 4 or more staff following behind him. The waiter set Destiny's cake down in front of her and there it was... her engagement ring! He had told the manager what he was going to do and somehow they all planned it. She just looked at it in shock and shed a few happy tears while he was getting down on one knee and asking if she would marry him and telling her how much he loved her. She very quickly said "Of Course" and kissed him. The whole restaurant clapped and some even cried. The wedding day was also nothing short of happiness and joyful tears. Destiny and Reinaldo chose La Jolla Ballroom as their ceremony location, which was quickly turned into a gorgeous reception area for the remainder of the evening. I loved how Destiny incorporated the bow on her dress into the cake and their daughter's flower girl dress also! The party ramped up with an awesome Miami DJ, and the couple was even able to get everyone out in the street for a sparkler exit! It was a beautiful day of friends, family, and loved ones as Destiny and Reinaldo celebrated their wedding with a beautiful and lovely day in sunny Coral Gables, FL! Congratulations, Destiny and Reinaldo!

Photography by Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer | Heather Kline
Assisted by | Claudia Aguirrezabal
Getting Ready Venue | Westin Collonade, Coral Gables
Wedding Venue and Reception | La Jolla Ballroom
DJ | DJ Duni

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