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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gail and Dave are Featured in the Limelight | Sirata Beach Resort and Spa | St. Petersburg FL Weddings

They met in 2012 through a mutual friend. Upon their first conversation, there was an immediate connection.  As they got to know one another more, a relationship began and became something that they decided will last a lifetime.  The ambitious two shared their love for St. Louis Cardinals/New York Yankees, their dog Maggie, Sunday Fundays (they were engaged on a Sunday Sunday!) and just spending time together just being them. The two also shared their big wedding day amongst friends and family for a destination wedding in St. Petersburg FL. What a great way to start your lives together! We are thrilled to congratulate this sweet, fun-loving couple! They were married during our two week stint of straight rain.  Although the day called for storms ALL DAY the rain let up for these two right before the ceremony and rain all around us but we dodged it all the way up through the sunset....if that isn't good luck off the bat I don't know what is! :) May God continue to bless these two as they move forward on their life journey together!!

Invitations ~ Design Pro
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal
Cake/Floral ~ Publix

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJOstoryboard.jpg
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00004.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00045.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00116.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00134.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00150.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00171.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00160.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00173.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00121.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00127.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00144.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00164.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00196.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00226.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00228.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00244.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00249.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00286.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00335.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00368.jpg  
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00493.jpg
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00494.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00508.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00526.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00533.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00539.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00550.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00557.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00615.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00680.jpg
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00874.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00886.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00908.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00922.jpg 
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00926.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00928.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00937.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00957.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00981.jpg 

 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO01113.jpg
 photo 7.26.15GailHotzeandDaveMacerJO00411.jpg

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