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Friday, August 7, 2015

Molly and Justin Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Regency, Clearwater FL | Clearwater FL Wedding Photography

We had such a blast with Molly and Justin, on their beautiful wedding day.... such a fun and laid back couple, their love for each other is so evident in the way they look at each other.  When I woke up that morning, I was very worried for my bride and groom and their Sky Terrace ceremony and sunset shots.  It was dark, gloomy and pouring... It looked as though it was not going to let up all day but low and behold, with MANY fingers and toes crossed, the skies opened up and gave us a dry evening with an amazing sky!!!  I am SO beyond thrilled to have been able to capture all of Molly and Justin's beautiful and perfect details for them to remember forever.  I have to say, these are some of my FAVORITE flowers... just gorgeous!!!

Congratulations Molly and Justin

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Some of the other vendors that helped in making the day perfect.

DJ ~ Grant Hemond
Ceremony & Reception Location ~ Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Event Planner ~ Lindsey Sikes
Caterer ~ Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Wedding Gown ~ Modern Trousseau from The White Magnolia Atlanta
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Allure
Invitations ~ AK Graphics & Minted
Hair Stylist & Make-Up  ~ Michelle Renee
Cake ~ Chantilly
Florist ~ Two Birds

 photo 7.25.15MollyJudtinCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0001.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0008.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0019.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0027.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0032.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0079.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0128.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0156.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0166.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0178.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0185.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0193.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0197.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0200.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0211.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0214.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0217.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0269.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0276.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0357.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0381.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0386.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0406.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0422.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0451.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0458.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0492.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0504.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0568.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0580.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0586.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0592.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0594.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0607.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0608.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0610.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0647.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0686.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0705.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0861.jpg
 photo 7.25.15MollyJustinCC0966.jpg

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