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Friday, July 31, 2015

Theresa and Vinny Featured in the Limelight | Don Cesar Beach Resort St. Petersburg FL | St Petersburg, FL Wedding Photographer

Theresa & Vinny met in high school and were engaged on the beach, Vinny brought her for a walk, where he had hired a photographer, and a guitar player who played their song as he got down on one knee.  They planned their beautiful Don Cesar wedding from NJ... the outcome was amazingly beautiful, sweet, romantic and WOW what a great party at the end.  
The rainy day didn't stop us from getting some amazing shots outside.

Some of the vendors that helped make this wedding perfect.

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Band ~ Headliners
The Wedding Gown ~ Berta
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Bloomingdales
Cake ~ The Cake Zone
Caterer ~ Don Cesar
Ceremony Site ~ Saint John Vianney
Event Planner ~ Beth Clark, Cheers Events
Florist ~ Carters
Hair Stylist ~ Jenna Mordaga
Invitations ~ Dinglewood Designs
Make-up Artist ~ Don Cesar
Reception Venue ~ Grand Ballroom at Don Cesar
Videographer ~ Hearts

 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0007.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0008.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0018.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0035.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0038.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0062.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0097.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0108.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0128.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0134.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0145.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0155.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0163.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0173.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0178.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0183.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0246.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0252.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0255.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0256.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0263.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0320.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0338.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0366.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0399.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0442.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0447.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0503.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0512.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0514.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0517.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0535.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0547.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0556.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0573.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0588.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0620.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0648.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0713.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0802.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0895.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0945.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0964.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0972.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0973.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0975.jpg
 photo 7.17.15TheresaVinnyCC0982.jpg

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O'Connor Law said...

Wow, first class all the way around including the photography.