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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christy and Mark Step into the Limelight | Riverhills Park, Temple Terrace, FL | Temple Terrace Engagement & Wedding Photography

I am so excited to photograph Christy and Mark's wedding at the Vinoy in St. Pete next year.  As you can see in the pictures, they are a beautiful couple, who are easy going, natural and fun loving.  I really enjoyed meeting them at Riverhills Park to photograph them together and get to know them a little more.  I am also excited to see what Christy will do with all her details, as she has worked in the wedding industry, helping and planning other's wedding details... I am sure their wedding and reception will be just perfect!

Congratulations on your engagement Christy and Mark, I look forward to your wedding day!!

 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160001.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160009.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160010.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160013.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160018.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160019.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160023.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160025.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160035.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160037.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160040.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160041.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160044.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160045.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160049.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160051.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160056.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160057.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160062.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160067.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160068.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160081.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160084.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160087.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160089.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160091.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160100.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160101.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160110.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160112.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160114.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160117.jpg
 photo 7.13.15ChristyMarkCC2.27.160123.jpg

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