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Monday, September 21, 2015

Anna and Dan are Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Regency Clearwater | Clearwater, FL Weddings

There are so many wonderful things about weddings. We love what we do because we get to witness some of the most beautiful and important days in people's lives. It is a wonderful thing to be witness too, and an honor to help capture these moments as they unfold.  Anna and Dan were no exception. They were two of the sweetest people I have had a pleasure to work with. Flying down from Indiana for their destination wedding brought along so much joy and excitement for all their friends and families that joined them in celebration. Infact, everyone was so great that it just killed me when the clouds rolled in from the bay (typically it comes from off the ocean waters so it was an odd sight to watch it come towards us facing the city), but these two had the absolute BEST attitudes as we moved everything quickly inside for the ceremony before the rain pounded down on the guests. They were so ready to be married that it seemed like only a little blimp on the radar to them for a day that still was nothing short of beautiful for them! They had an even better attitude about it than I did, if I remember correctly! Anna and Dan said their I do's with such love for one another and partied the night away with such joy that it really didn't matter weather. It was a beautiful day.  Congratulations to this wonderful couple. May God bless you as you continue to grow together!

Hair and Make-up | Michele Renee The Studio
Florist | Rose Garden

 photo 9.6.15AnnaandDanArpaiastoryboardJO.jpg  photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00028.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00085.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00101.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00106.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00112.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00196.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00208.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00251.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00270.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00292.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00304.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00311.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00323.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00325.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00328.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00350.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00352.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00391.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00429.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00742.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00747.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00751.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00764.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00791.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00792.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00898.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00916.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO00933.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01067.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01101.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01103.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01129.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01139.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01145.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01149.jpg 

 photo 9.6.15AnnaBurgessandDanArpaiaJO01152.jpg

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Tina Bly said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for your expertise on a day we will never forget! Mother of the bride, tina