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Friday, September 18, 2015

Anne Christine & Phil Featured in the Limelight | Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, St Pete FL | St Pete, FL Wedding Photography

I knew from my first phone call with Phil and Anne Christine, that they were going to be laid back yet super fun to photograph on their special day.   Anne Christine and Phil decided on a "first look" prior to the ceremony so that they would be able to have a special moment for just the two of them and then we would be able to get some special shots with their 3 boys and the wedding party.  Just before the first look, the skies opened up and it poured, but we made it even more special by having the first look underneath the beautiful glass chandelier in the middle of the Grand Ballroom.  By the time the ceremony time came, the rain was gone and the sun was out, allowing for the beautiful Tea Garden ceremony.  Their reception was exquisite with roses adorning each and every table, uplighting, an amazing cake and accents.  The dance floor was quickly filled with guest and family dancing the night away.

Main Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Ceremony & Reception Venue ~ Vinoy Renaissance Hotel
Video ~ Lexoria Films
Event/Floral ~ Showorks
DJ ~ Jonathon Cortez
Pastor ~ Dean Ryder
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique
Catering ~ Vinoy

 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0022.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0040.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0121.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0137.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0154.jpg

 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0214.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0220.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0249.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0255.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0266.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0273.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0337.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0363.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0411.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0469.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0481.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0498.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0506.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0532.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0542.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0589.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0638.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0651.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0709.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0730.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0736.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0744.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0755.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0758.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0762.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0764.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0769.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0771.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0773.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0774.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0781.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0785.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0789.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0795.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0882.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0894.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0896.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC0936.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC1018.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC1028.jpg
 photo 9.05.15AnneChristinePhilCC1114.jpg

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