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Friday, October 23, 2015

Cindy and Dane are Featured in the Limelight | 900 Park St | St. Petersburg FL Weddings

To say this couple is active is to say the very least. These two are so full of life, Cindy and Dane. Always looking for the next opportunity to grow together is one thing, but it is another to do it with such enthusiasm and joy. I had the pleasure of meeting this couple before their wedding, and upon meeting them I felt it immediately. We were checking out their venue, the beautiful 900 Park St. and as all of us talked together Dane and Cindy would talk in sync with each other. One would say one thing and the other would chime in even if in another conversation a similar thought without missing a step. I was impressed! That was before the wedding. Day of, I saw so much excitement and joy between not just them but the whole group that even if it rain the whole day, I truly believe they would not have cared in the least. I felt privileged to be a part of so much happiness and love that flowed through. Not only that, their craftiness provided for a more personable day from the arbor to the window table placement finishing with sunglasses for all friends and family to wear (they knew Florida well, they knew it would be sunny:))

Ceremony |  900 Park St
Pianist | Rodkeiser
 photo 10.11.15CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandezJOstoryboard.jpg  photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00001.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00065.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00080.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00095.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00155.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00240.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00244.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00258.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00259.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00266.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00272.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00302.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00419.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00434.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00466.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00490.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00531.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00611.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00622.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00639.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00655.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00866.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00896.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00901.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00908.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez00991.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez01005.jpg
 photo 10.11.2015CindyMcPeakandDaneFernandez01238_1.jpg

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