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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brittany and Joe Are Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl Resort and Spa | Clearwater, FL Weddings

Family and friends came from Boston to partake on such a GORGEOUS week celebrating the marriage between Brittany and Joe. The two met in middle school. Joe just had to get to know the prettiest girl in his class, and he worked up the courage to talk with her, yes, in middle school. The two grew up together and took on life together over the years. His family became her family and vice versa. 10+ years later, they decided it was time for marriage.  It is always such a breath of fresh air to see someone marry their best friend, and there was no doubt that Brittany in marrying Joe, was marrying her best friend. Congratulations to this lovely couple! We wish you all the very best as you build your lives together!

Ceremony and Reception | Sandpearl Resort Clearwater Beach

 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO0000collage.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00002.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00018.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00017.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00051.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00181.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00042.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00184.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00055.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00096.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00100.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00104.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00016.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00030.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00092.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00065.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00094.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00089.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00204.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00227.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00235.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00280.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00375.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00383.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00363.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00350.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00386-2.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00401.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00402.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00407.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00414.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00429.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00532.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00589.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00549.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00531.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00538.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00624.jpg
 photo 10.16.15BrittanyandJoeJO00623.jpg

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