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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Melissa and Mike are Featured in the Limelight | Waldorf Astoria Casa Marina Hotel | Key West FL, Key West Weddings

Key West is a fun laid-back place to visit with lots of things to do on vacation for everybody, but for a wedding it is just gorgeous. We met up with Melissa and Michael at the wonderful Casa Marina Resort. The resort itself with all those vacationing still had a quiet way about it. It felt like this day was just for Melissa and Michael. The two each have a sweet girls and as they blended their families together, showed so much respect for each other and everyone around them.  Melissa also personalized almost everything, making it unique to their style and personable for their guests. I just LOVED her style and use of colors which makes sense as she is a professional makeup artist! Their intimate wedding over looked the ocean as they said their I dos. Rain loomed around but the most we felt on their day was a sprinkle or two.  Altogether the day was lovely, the wedding was beautiful and this couple is AMAZING. Best of blessings as your family grows together! We LOVVVEED being a part of it!

Make-up Artist and Hair | Casa Marina Salon
Wedding Gown | Belle Vie
Bridesmaids Gown | Bella Bianca
Invitations | Letter Box Ink
Florist | Duarte Floral
DJ | Scott Gerke

 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0000.jpg  photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0003.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0006.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0011.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0045.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0088.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0120.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0151.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0163.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0188.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0190.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0238.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0240.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0244-2.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0247.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0249.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0282.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0324.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0331.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0344.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0374.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0380.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0386.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0387.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0391.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0414.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0433.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0422.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0430.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0445.jpg
 photo 10.18.15MelissaandMichaelJO0557.jpg

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