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Friday, October 30, 2015

Samantha and Thomas Featured in the Limelight | Isla Del Sol, St Petersburg FL | St Pete Wedding Photography

Isla Del Sol offers such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, overlooking the ocean and boat docks... late in the day just before the sunset, the light just pours in behind the bride and groom offering such a romantic glow.   This sweet couple chose to say their vows in this setting and it couldn't have been more perfect for them.  The reception was just as lovely, with candles on every table and beautiful fresh flowers along with other accents to compliment the colors and feel of the day.
Samantha and Thomas are such a sweet couple with their love for each other so evident in the way they look at one another.  Thomas had tears in his eyes while watching his bride walk down the aisle in her amazing lace detail dress.  I am so honored to have been the one to capture their perfect wedding day.
Congratulations Samantha and Thomas!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Other vendors that helped make the day perfect...
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ J Crew
Caterer ~ Isla Del Sol
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Isla Del Sol
Event Planner ~ Melissa Rowjohn
Hair Stylist  & Make-up Artist~ Donna Camposecco
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas
Videographer ~ Lexoria
Wedding Gown ~ Meg Guess

 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0000Collage.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0029.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0036.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0089.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0124.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0144.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0179.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0201.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0203.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0204.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0220.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0263.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0275.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0287.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0295.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0306.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0313.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0361.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0367.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0372.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0421.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0436.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0452.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0464.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0473.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0489.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0532.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0545.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0553.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0570.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0591.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0614.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0628.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0631.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0644.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0650.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0653.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0702.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0717.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0723.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0787.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0820.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0834.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC0885.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC1003.jpg
 photo 10.17.15SamanthaThomasCC1007.jpg

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