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Friday, October 30, 2015

Krystal and Daniel Featured in the Limelight | Westin Harbour Island | Westin Harbour Island Wedding Photography | Harbour Island, FL

Krystal and Daniel had a beautiful wedding day at the Westin Harbour Island. Friends and family traveled in from all over to join these two in a sweet seaside ceremony, enveloped in the lovely aura of trees and smiles. Guests then went on to enjoy a super fun reception in one of the hotels ballrooms. It was great fun to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds!! :)

Band/DJ ~ Grant Hemond
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ CCs Boutique
Ceremony Site ~ Westin Harbour Island
Florist ~ Jamie Olson
Hair Stylist/ Make-up Artist ~ Priscilla Chartite with Destiny Hair and Make-up
Reception Venue ~ Westin Harbour Island
Wedding Gown ~ The White Bridal Closet
Wedding Planner ~ Days Remembered by ND | Natalia Day

 photo 10.17.15KrystalDannySTORY.jpg photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0004.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0026.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0031.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0290.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0304.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0321.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0351.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0458.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0475.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0489.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0502.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0504.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0523.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0528.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0545.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0553.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0556.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0560.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0578.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0614.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0661.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0666.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0673.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0706.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0711.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0715.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0718.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0724.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0730.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0750.jpg    photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1176.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1179.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF0885.jpg photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1182.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1187.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1191.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1197.jpg  photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1210.jpg photo 10.17.15KrystalDannyAF1049.jpg

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