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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bridget and Dylan Featured in the Limelight | Loews Don Cesar Hotel | St. Pete Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Since the evening entertainment was led by their favorite local hangout live band, the guests were guaranteed a showstopping reception at Bridget and Dylan's wedding at the beautiful Don Cesar South Terrace! And showstopping it was, all day! Bridget selected a colorful bouquet of fuschia, cobalt, and violet, which set the color scheme for the day, and perfectly matched the backdrop of the pink palace as they were married in the lovely courtyard. They were blessed with an absolutely amazing sunset, and then off to the party we all went! But the biggest surprise was yet in store. As Dylan whisked his beautiful bride around the dance floor, Bridget twirled away while Dylan continued to grasp her gown's skirt - and to the surprise and delight of the guests, it was a planned skirt ripaway! Left underneath was an absolutely adorable miniskirt with layers and layers of tulled edged with pink satin, which matched Bridget's hot pink shoes, now proudly and boldly on display. They danced the night away, until the grand sparkler exit! It was a truly enjoyable and memorable evening for Bridget and Dylan and both of their families! Congratulations, newlyweds!

Photography | Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer | Heather Kline
Assisted by | Claudia Aguirrezabal
Venue and Catering | Don Cesar Hotel
Band | Hiram Hazley
Event Planner | Pat Barr
Hair Stylist | Ada Alfonso
Makeup Artist | Evelyn Castello
Wedding Gown | David's Bridal

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