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Monday, November 2, 2015

Rashael and Tommy Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Bay Watch | St. Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

Rashael and Tommy had a beautiful wedding day seaside at the Tampa Bay Watch. Friends and family traveled in from around Florida to join these two in a delightful ceremony by the water. After the ceremony, guests made the short trip over to the reception room of the Tampa Bay Watch where they enjoyed dinner and dancing. It was great to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds! :)

Band/DJ ~ Ibex Productions
Caterer ~ Olympia Catering
Ceremony Site ~ Tampa Bay Watch
Hair Stylist ~ Salon Mimi
Invitations ~ Forever Fiances
Make-up Artist ~ Angela Gray
Reception Venue ~ Tampa Bay Watch
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal 

 photo 10.26.15RashaelTommySTORY.jpg photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0035.jpg    photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0104.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0122.jpg      photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0205.jpg     photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0258.jpg      photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0338.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0341.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0356.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0380.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0383.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0414.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0417.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0423.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0424.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0434.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0483.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0505.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0508.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0589.jpg photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0514.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0527.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0530.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0536.jpg   photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0593.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0596.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0602.jpg photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0598.jpg     photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0609.jpg     photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0618.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0619.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0627.jpg  photo 10.26.15RashaelTommyAF0822.jpg 

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