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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kourtney and Stacy Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl Resort and Spa | Clearwater FL, Clearwater Wedding

Stacy met Kourtney in highschool. She was the prettiest girl to him and he just had to meet her. His courage to meet her paid off years later as they said their I do's on the beach in Clearwater. Kourtney, since she was young always said she wanted a beach wedding, and we were excited to see that on Friday their day was going to have beautiful sunshine-y skies to boot! All day everyone talked about how great these two were. Not just their friends and family but all of the vendors too! Over and over we kept hearing and saying 'I just love these two' and there was for it too. Both Stacy and Kourtney were easy going and happy as happy could be, if something was even a little off they would shrug it off and kept taking in one of the most important days of their lives! Congratulations to Stacy and Kourtney, may you be abundantly blessed as you grow together! We were thrilled to be a part of it!

Ceremony + Reception | Sandpearl Resort and Spa
Wedding Gown | The Bridal Cottage
Hairstylist and Makeup | Destiny and Light

 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0000collage.jpg  photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0002.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0004.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0008.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0013.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0035.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0037.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0038.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0070.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0089.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0116.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0119.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0126.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0128.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0140.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0143.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0207.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0212.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0215.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0263.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0270.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0274.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0285.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0288.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0305.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0322.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0325.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0336.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0342.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0384.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0445.jpg
 photo 10.30.15KourtneyandStacyJO0447.jpg

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