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Friday, November 6, 2015

Lori and Jim Featured in the Limelight | 1930 Grande Room | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Lori and Jim are such a sweet, sincere and genuine couple, both with a great sense of humor and they are always making each other laugh! The moment I stepped into Lori’s bridal suite I was greeted with warm hugs all around and the most thoughtful gift that had my name embellished on it! Just one example of Lori’s thoughtful and kind heart. 

Lori and Jim met at work. Jim proposed last Labor Day weekend on the beach during sunset at one of their favorite places - Little Gasparilla Island. Jim had coordinated for their friends to be secretly watching and it was an amazing experience for everyone! They enjoy riding motorcycles together, boating and spending time with their families. 

Their wedding theme was inspired by their desire to have everyone with them to enjoy and celebrate as their friends and family all became one. They were surrounded by love, glitz, glam and sparkle as they said they I Do’s and danced the night away! 

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 

DJ | Music on the Move 
Cake | TMD 
Ceremony and Reception Venue | 1930 Grande Room 
Caterer | 1930 Grande Room 
Florist | Events in Bloom 
Hair and Make-up Artist | Aquali Bridal 
Accomodations | Aloft Hotel 

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