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Monday, November 9, 2015

Theresa and Reuven Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl, Clearwater Beach FL| Clearwater FL Wedding Photography

Theresa and Reuven were a dream to photograph, literally so easy, fun and loving.  All I had to do was put them near each other and the rest was magic. They had a beautiful beach ceremony overlooking the ocean on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

The reception to follow was equally as beautiful... with an amazing first dance by the bride and groom and a surprise serenade from Reuven for his  beautiful bride.

Congratulations Theresa and Reuven!!  

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

The other wonderful vendors  that helped make this day perfect
DJ ~ Grant Hemmond
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Davids Bridal
Cake ~ Chantilly Cakes
Caterer & Ceremony Site ~ Sandpearl
Florist ~ The Bride's Bouquet
Hair Stylist & Make-up  ~ Michelle Renee Studio 
Videographer ~ Heart Video
Wedding Gown ~ Sophia Tolli

 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0177.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0204.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0210.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0219.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0229.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0235.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0248.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0254.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0260.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0267.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0274.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0278.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0280.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0283.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0286.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0325.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0338.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0382.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0389.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0396.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0402.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0425.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0450.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0454.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0478.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0489.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0511.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0514.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0518.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0539.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0580.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0609.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0707.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0711.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0732.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0739.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0743.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0760.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC0847.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC1069.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC1083.jpg
 photo 10.23.15TheresaReuvenCC1086.jpg

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