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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Erica and Scott are Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Regency Clearwater Resort | Clearwater FL, Limelight Weddings

'We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something' ~Mother Teresa
I sometimes think of that quote by Mother Teresa when I have a beach side wedding, over looking the water, watching a bride and groom say their I do's, commit and start their lives together. I love the stance  as if our drop never occurred there would be something noticeably missing in such a vast sea.  We all contribute a piece to this world whether it be great or small, and who we decide to take this journey with us sends us down a path that is life changing and also adds an impact to this world in a different way. It is so important to marry someone who will help you when you need a hand, encourage and laugh with you. For Erica and Scott, there was no doubt I saw that side of them, that they knew this about each other and were ready to live the rest of their lives together. And what a beautiful start for them! They were married at Hyatt Regency as the sun began to settle westward, it was cloudy but still absolutely gorgeous with a slight wind. We had so much fun with this group of folks! Being from Kentucky I just knew I would get along with them, but they showed us that they were ready to take FULL advantage of one of the most important days of their lives and just really enjoy for all it was worth!

Congratulations to Erica and Scott, it was such a pleasure being a part of your beautiful day!!

Wedding Gown | Blush By Haley Paige
Bridesmaids Dresses | Jasmine B2 & Ann Taylor
Event Planner And Florist | Ideal Designs Events
Hair and Makeup | Jess Waldrop
First Dance | Chris McCarty

 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydstoryboard.jpg

 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00035.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00111.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00121.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00130.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00135.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00142.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00173.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00246.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00268.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00303.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00386.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00398.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00414.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00453.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00505.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00519.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00580.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00589.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00669.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00674-01.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00690.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00697.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00700.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00705.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00716.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00720.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00745.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00752.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00755.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00762.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00777.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00810.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00835.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO00842.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO01071.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO01081.jpg
 photo 9.25.15EricaEthingtonandScottBoydJO01086.jpg

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