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Friday, October 2, 2015

Jill & Jim Featured in the Limelight | Sand Pearl Clearwater Beach, FL | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photographer

Jill and Jim had a beautiful ceremony overlooking the gulf... the day was absolutely beautiful with no clouds and bright blue skies. It was a lovely venue for their destination wedding, with so much attention to detail.  The flowers were gorgeous and summery with soft pastel colors, matching the girls dresses and the sea and sky.  The reception room, held upstairs in a ballroom, was a dream, with uplighting, flowers galore and a beautiful sunset in the background as Jill & Jim had their first dance together and husband and wife.

Congratulations to Jill & Jim, I am so honored to have been able to capture this amazing day for you!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

The Other vendors that helped to make this day possible...

Caterer ~ Sand Pearl
Ceremony Site ~ Sand Pearl, Gulf Lawn
Event Planner ~ Emily Olivieri
Hair Stylist  & Make-up Artist ~ Sharmaine's Salon
Officiant ~ Rick Lackore

 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0030.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0041.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0055.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0096.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0111.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0144.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0156.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0171.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0175.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0187.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0197.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0200.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0221.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0243.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0260.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0270.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0284.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0337.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0350.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0373.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0380.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0389.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0394.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0397.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0400.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0405.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0467.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0506.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0510.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0652.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0672.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0685.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0686.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0696.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0704.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0706.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0714.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0725.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0875.jpg
 photo 9.19.15JillJimCC0922.jpg

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