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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Carrie and Jason Step into the Limelight | Downtown St. Petersburg | St. Petersburg, FL Engagement Photography

I loved working with Carrie and Jason for their engagement session in downtown St. Petersburg!  We worked on the beautiful grounds of the Mahaffey Theater and the Dali Museum which was a really great location for portraits!  It was not our original plan but we ended up splitting our time into two sessions as our first attempt took an unexpected turn with the weather.  I really wanted to do more with this sweet couple to be able to provide them a full and complete session and I am so glad we did because I am thrilled with the result!  On our first session day we were able to work with their adorable dogs Kobe and Duncan before the rain came!  I loved the sweet signs that the bride made for them to wear around their necks and they cooperated so well!  On our second session day we were able to work by the water with beautiful sunlight!  As the sun went down the couple changed into evening dress and we worked under the night lights of the theater and the city.  I loved the lit up signs of their initials as they matched the lights in the trees perfectly!  Carrie really put a wonderful effort into making several personalized props to incorporate in our session and I love how those shots turned out!  It was also so fun to find out that the bride, like myself, is originally from Wisconsin so it was only natural that we clicked right away!   I am so excited to work with this couple again for their wedding day in September!  Congratulations!

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