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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stephanie and Nik Step into the Limelight | North Straub Park | St. Petersburg, FL Engagement Photography

I met with Stephanie and Nik at beautiful North Straub Park in downtown St. Petersburg for their engagement session!  We were treated to a beautiful day with soft lighting and it was really nice to be able to capture some great portraits in the park at the beginning of our session and then to continue along the water with a beautiful view of the boats in the marina!  I love that some of the Christmas lights were still in the trees as they really complimented some of the shots in our night session pictures!  We continued our session near the cafe's on Beach Drive where the couple snuggled together with a cute coffee mug and beautiful heat lamps in the background that added such a great glow of light to those portraits.  I also loved ending our session on the steps of the Museum of Art!  I loved working with this great couple and can't wait for the wedding coming up in May!

 photo Featured_0001_zps5qirpkeq.jpg
 photo Featured_0002_zpskylf0azu.jpg
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