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Friday, March 4, 2016

Claire and Bryson Featured in the Limelight | The Alfond Inn, Winter Park, FL | Winter Park Wedding Photographer

Claire and Bryson met at Claire's first internship and started dating a year later.  They love to travel together to new places and adventures and also love and appreciate good food, wine and spending time with their family and friends.
When planning their wedding... Claire and Bryson chose to have their ceremony outside in the courtyard of the beautiful and quaint Alfond Inn, which is nestled in the middle of Winter Park, Orlando.  One thing that was important to them for their wedding guests was for them to feel happy, energized and loved ... I think they achieved this with the beautiful reception room that was elegant, romantic and full of energy from family and guests.  The band was a perfect backdrop to their wonderful reception.
Congratulations Claire and Bryson

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Others that help make this day perfect...
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Olgas Bridal Boutique 
Caterer ~ The Alfond Inn
Ceremony & Reception Site ~ The Alfond Inn
Event Planner ~ Lisa Stoner Events 
Hair Stylist ~ Haute Hair Studio
Invitations ~ The Paper Source
Make-up Artist ~ Rachael Jean Makeup
Make-up Artist ~ Makeover Station
Wedding Gown ~ Chic Parisian, Berta

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When my dad first came up to my room to escort me down to the wedding, it was an overflow of emotions: love, happiness, and excitement. It was a special moment that I'll remember forever and one of the moments that in all the commotion of your wedding day, you somehow remember every bit of that brief moment after the fact. He hugged me and told me how happy he was for me and how much he loved me. As I went to put his boutonniere on, I'll never forget that extra sparkle he had in his eye- that sparkle reassured me that I was about to marry my soulmate.

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