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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Michele and Eric Featured in the Limelight | Sirata Beach Resort | St. Pete Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Michele and Eric had a perfect wedding day at the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach. Everything about their day was delightful and sweet as is the couple! They met 3 years ago via eharmony, which led to a great relationship, which led to Eric proposing to Michele on the beach during sunset in pass a grille, where they had their first date. These two had a romantic, elegant, and fun beach vibe for their wedding day with all their friends and family. The Florida beach, ocean views, and live band made it the perfect celebration for these two! Congratulations to the newlyweds! :) 

Band/DJ ~ All the Answers 
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ CC's Boutique
Ceremony Site ~ Sirata 
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist ~ Destiny and Light
Reception Venue ~ Sirata
Videographer ~ A Peachy Life
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique
Violinist ~ Chris Barbosa 
 photo 2.20.16MicheleEricSTORY.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0064.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0139.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0091.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0226.jpg        photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0199.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0077.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0009.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0235.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0271.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0274.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0208.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0275.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0290.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0294.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0287.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0281.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0296.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0379.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0374.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0384.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0387.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0388.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0440.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0452.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0413.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0418.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0458.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0476.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0470.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0467.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0498.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0504.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0594.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0591.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0612.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0627.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0604.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0631.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0651.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0656.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0705.jpg   photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0669.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0718.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0715.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF1096.jpg photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0682.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0749.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0740.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0741.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0737.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0746.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0816.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF1101.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF0751.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF1109.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF1106.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF1122.jpg  photo 2.20.16MicheleEricAF1117.jpg 

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