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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Amanda and John Step Into The Limelight | The Birchwood and Mahaffey Theatre Engagement | Downtown St, Petersburg FL, St. Petersburg Engagements

I met Amanda and John at the Birchwood.  The Birchwood graciously let us into their gorgeous ballroom which was adjoined to a patio overlooking the bay. It was a gorgeous bright and sunny day for the two with a light breeze. We sifted through the crowds that St. Pete brings on the weekends and hit some amazing spots along the way. These two were such a lovely and easy going couple, they fit so well together. I enjoyed getting to know them and exploring some new spots I have yet to use in St. Pete. We finished up at Mahaffey where they will say their 'I do's'.  We are ecstatic to be a part of their big day! Here are a few favorites from the engagement session with Amanda and John!

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0002.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0012.jpg
 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0135.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0024.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0033.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0037.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0040.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0044.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0051.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0143.jpg
 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0061.jpg
 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0070.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0074.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0079.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0080.jpg
 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0155.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0085.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0086.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0089.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0162.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0100.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0104.jpg
 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0166.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0120.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0124.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0125.jpg

 photo 4.10.16AmandaandJohnEngagementJO0171.jpg

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