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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jill & Mark Featured in the Limelight | St. Stephens Catholic Church and The Regent, Riverview FL | Riverview Wedding Photography

I am so honored that I was able to capture Jill & Mark's beautiful wedding day.  I have known Jill for many years, she is as sweet as she is beautiful, and so much fun.  Her and Mark are so perfect for each other, so fun and full of one liners and quotes.  Let's just say it's the first time I have seen a bride arm wrestle in her wedding dress!! 
 They met in November of 2010 and have been together ever since. Mark surprised Jill with a proposal on Davis Island when she thought they were "rescuing" a friend, in reality Mark got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.
Jill and Mark share a love of books and decided to incorporate that into their wedding with so many amazing details that included books, bookmarks, flowers made out of book pages, words and letters at every table with a touch of candlelight and flowers.  The colors they chose were perfect and were filled with hues of purple, which is Jill's favorite color, and other colors to accent.  If rain on your wedding day really is good luck then Jill & Mark have a TON of it to start their marriage off.  It was quite a rainy day, but they did not let that stop them from having an amazing wedding.  Although the rain did let up a little while,  we were able to use the amazing terrace at the The Regent to do all of our family and wedding party pictures, with the rain creating a lovely tune and backdrop.  The night ended with food, drinks, fun and lots of dancing!!  It was a perfect day for Jill and Mark and I am so happy and honored to have been a part of it!
Congratulations Jill and Mark!!

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Other vendors that helped to make this day perfect...

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Cake ~ Publix 
Ceremony Site ~ St. Stephens Catholic church
Reception Venue ~ The Regent
Event Planner at The Regent ~ Michelle Thompson
Florist ~ The English Rose ~ Lee Newey
Hair Stylist ~ Reflections Hair Gallery ~ Koryn
Make Up Artist ~ Reflections Hair Gallery

 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0047.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0048.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0065.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0086.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0099.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0106.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0107.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0108.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0125.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0149.jpg

 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0306.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0311.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0394.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0422.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0485.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0482.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0524.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0525.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0528.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0531.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0537.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0539.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0605.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0611.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0620.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0622.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0690.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0694.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0722.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0726.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0737.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0742.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0748.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0753.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0763.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0770.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0771.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0781.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0786.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0800.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0835.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0847.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0873.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC0989.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1004.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1105.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1153.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1163.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1165.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1183.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1204.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1295.jpg
 photo 4.02.16JillMarkCC1330.jpg

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