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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alisha and Jason Step into the Limelight | Downtown Tampa | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

It was great fun to meet up with Alisha and Jason in downtown Tampa for their engagement session around the bay. These two met through a mutual friend, hit it off and will be celebrating their marriage at East Lake Woodlands Country Club this August. Their vibe was easy to capture and they were naturals in front of the camera! Can't wait for their wedding! : ) 
 photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0009.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0006.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0004.jpg     photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0010.jpg   photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0003.jpg   photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0011.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0012.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0015.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0013.jpg photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0005.jpg photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0014.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0017.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0021.jpg photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0018.jpg     photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0022.jpg  photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0016.jpg   photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0026.jpg   photo 4.7.16AliciaBoosAFb0027.jpg

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