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Friday, April 29, 2016

Barbara and Tony Featured in the Limelight | The Birchwood | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

We had the pleasure of working with Barbara and Tony for their amazing wedding day! I just love how each element of the wedding was planned with thoughtfulness and love. 

The ceremony and reception areas were amazingly decorated and shimmering with visual surprises around every where we turned. It was a photographer's dream to photograph!

The bride and groom's personal jewelry pieces all carried such a special meaning to them.  Barbara's pearl necklace was a wedding gift from Tony and her Lady Diana replica sapphire ring was a gift for her birthday, which is on Christmas!  The bride gave her groom a wedding day gift of a Presidential Rolex that he wore with a beautiful set of very special cuff links that were a Christmas gift.  They were the first gift of diamonds he ever received - even though he has worked in the business for 27 years!  The emerald earrings carry a special memory for Barbara as they were designed by Tony at his business Anthony Louis Ltd. and given by Barbara as a gift to someone very special that was like a mother to her.  Barbara was so happy to be able to wear them on her wedding day.  The rosary wrapped around her bouquet belonged to Tony's mother and the garter was a gift from Tony's sister that included a blue ribbon for good luck on the wedding day!  

Barbara and Tony were surrounded by their loved ones as they celebrated their marriage. You could just feel the energy in the room buzzing with love and excitement. The Birchwood is a special venue to the bride and groom, because it is owned by Tony's friend going all the back to high school. It truly was unique and special to see so many lifelong friends come together to celebrate their union. One of my favorite moments was when Tony's fraternity brothers performed a surprise serenade asking Barbara to be their fraternity sweetheart!

The evening ended with Barbara and Tony dancing among all of their guests as confetti canons were shot off, and then they escaped to enjoy their evening alone! It was an incredible exit that everyone enjoyed!

Photography by Limelight Photography
Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos 
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos 

Band | Deleon Band
Cake | Chocolate Pi

Favors | Godiva 
Ceremony and Reception Site | Birchwood
Florals, Draping and Design | CONCEPTBAIT

Custom Linens | Over the Top 
Lounge Furnishings and Bar | AFR 
Glassware, China and Flatware | A Chair Affair
Invitations and Stationary | Urban Coast 
Hair and Makeup | Rachel Reumann
Uplighting, Wall Projection and Confetti Canon | BayStage Live
Videographer | Voila Cinematic
Wedding Planner | Sandy Rule Events 

Wedding Gown | CC's Boutique 

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