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Friday, April 29, 2016

Crystal and Nick are Featured in the Limelight | Safety Harbor Resort | Safety Harbor, FL

On days like this day when the clouds cover and the rain comes, the wedding is altered from the dream. On Crystal and Nick's wedding day, it rained right up until the wedding ceremony. But yet, I heard nothing but praise about the glowing beautiful bride, the gorgeous location, the flawless d├ęcor of lavender and silver with beautiful chandeliers and mirrored walls in the ballroom, the sweet dog walking down before Crystal made her grand entrance. All was beautiful and this beauty took away from the rain right before the ceremony and to top it stopped in enough time for us to utilize the beautiful grounds of Safety Harbor Resort. BUT, with all these wonderful things that surrounded the couple I found myself thinking the most beautiful thing about this day was the couple themselves. I have never met a young lady with such poise and class as Crystal. She held herself so high and was so generous with others while also maintaining the importance of the day. Her laughter filled a room and her bridesmaids were no less of a reflection also. The gentleman were just that also and Nick was so kind-hearted I immediately could see how they worked! They showed so much respect and love for one another, I was impressed!  Everyone enjoyed goodies from the candy bar, created memories at the photobooth and danced the night away! We enjoyed this wedding so much! Congratulations to Crystal and Nick! Many Blessings In Your Beautiful Life Together!

Venue/ Catering | Safety Harbor Resort
Wedding Gown | CC's Boutique
Bridesmaids' Dresses | Alfred Angelo
Florist | Events in Bloom
Make-up and Hair | Krista Harris

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