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Monday, May 2, 2016

Jade and Michael Featured in the Limelight | First United Church of Clearwater | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photography

Jade and Michael were so sweet to work with! This couple met in November of 2014 through a mutual friend. Together they love cooking, being outdoors, and living life to the fullest - with each other! :) So sweet and romantically, Michael proposed to Jade on a bluff on Signal Mountain. To celebrate their wedding day, these two had a romantic whimsical day in Clearwater, FL, because as they say it, the beach is part of their soul. It was wonderful to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds!! :) 
Band/DJ ~ Midnight Mayhem 
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Two Birds
Cake ~ Let them Eat Cake
Caterer ~ Sandpearl 
Ceremony Site ~ First United Church of Clearwater
Event Planner ~ Barb with Artistry Design
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist ~ Michele Renee
Reception ~ Sandpearl

 photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelSTORY.jpg photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0027.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0105.jpg photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0063.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0102.jpg   photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0118.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0122.jpg photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0187.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0125.jpg   photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0190.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0192.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0203.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0306.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0328.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0360.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0478.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0479.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0544.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0554.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0604.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0709.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0725.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0735.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0750.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0784.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0797.jpg   photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0815.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF0834.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF1411.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF1419.jpg  photo 4.16.16JadeMichaelAF1423.jpg 

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