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Monday, May 9, 2016

Kerry and Stevie Featured In the Limelight | Hilton Clearwater Beach | Clearwater Beach Wedding Photography

Stephen and Kerry met in the summer of 2009 at a college party at East Stroudsburg University when they were both working at school for the summer. They hit it off at the beginning of the summer and spent the rest of the entire summer together. By the time school started back up, everyone knew that their relationship was something special that would eventually lead to their now wedding day : ) Stephen proposed to Kerry at the annual Leg's for Lindsey 5K that is held each year in the memory of Stephen's sister Lindsey. Stephen makes the pre-race announcements each year and announced that he had a special announcement to make. Right before the runners left the starting line, Stephen pulled Kerry up front, got on one knee, and proposed. This was a special moment as they were able to celebrate their engagement with his sister Lindsey. Kerry loves Stephens ability to light up a room no matter where he goes, and Stephen loves Kerry's drive to always put others before herself and to make sure everyone always feels loved and appreciated. They chose clearwater beach as their family had not yet been to this particular spot, and now they can call it their special place, for special memories!! It was great working with this sweet couple, their love radiated! Congratulations to the newlyweds!! :) 

Band/DJ ~ Grant Hemond; Michael Planas
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Bari Jay
Cake ~ Corey's Bakery
Caterer ~ The Hilton
Ceremony Site ~ The Hilton
Event Planner ~ Confetti Events; Nicole Voute
Florist ~ Iza's Florist
Hair & Make-up ~ Destiny and Light
Invitations ~ Invitations by Style
Reception ~ Hilton
Videographer ~ Hearts Video
Wedding Gown ~ Sareh Nouri 

 photo 4.23.16KerryStevieSTORY.jpg photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0005.jpg photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0159.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0418.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0595.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0608.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0616.jpg   photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0619.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0620.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0646.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0669.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0713.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0717.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0756.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0766.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0771.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0892.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0895.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0913.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF0916.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1117.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1127.jpg   photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1132.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1139.jpg   photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1142.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1145.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1147.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1155.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1162.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1165.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1180.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1389.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1399.jpg  photo 4.23.16KerryStevieAF1403.jpg  

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