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Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day from Limelight Photography!

On this beautiful day, we would like to wish all the strong, wonderful mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day! A mother's love and guidance is the best gift that anyone can be blessed with. We asked a couple of our brides to tell us a little bit about their moments on their big day with their mothers/daughters, and thought it would be nice to display the appreciation for the them to see how special they are! Limelight is happy to present our favorite moments with a loving mother and their daughter.

"I can't per say what was going on in this particular moment.. There was so much going on, but she was my constant and my safe place during my day, my whole life actually. To me, this picture represents the role she has played in my life; she has held my hand through every step that I have taken. Giving me her support, love, encouragement.. letting me live my experience, learn and grow from it, but always being by my side watching over me. This is what I see when I look at this picture; my mom being witness to the happiest day of my life, while she still stands by my side. Like she always says, it doesn't matter how old I get, I will always be her child."- Laura + Kenny | 5.16.15

"She was beyond happy that she was able to come and see Kevin and I declare our love for each other. She hadn't been feeling very well up until this point, but seeing her daughter marrying the man of her dreams, made her feel so much better! It is amazing what happiness and love can do for the soul." - Sharon + Kevin | 4.18.15

"There are so many moments during your wedding, but having my mom there was one of the best. I love that she was there to get me all dressed up on my big day; takes me back to when I was a little girl. I was able to wear her necklace as my something borrowed, and share those precious moments of the first to see me in my dress on my wedding day. With so many emotions that went on during this day, it was so special to have her there by my side to smile with,  to wipe my tears of happiness away, and laugh as we celebrated the most wonderful day. I am blessed to call her my mom and love her more every day. " - Kalyn + Matt | 5.23.15


"These photographs are so touching to us. We were finally celebrating the day we've always dreamt of since I was a little girl. My mother was giving me away to the love of my life in honor of my dad, and we are so proud to have been able to accomplish so much together. "- Mandi + Tony | 6.27.15


"My mom has always prayed with me whenever I was about to do something big and important. My wedding day was very important to her and one of her most valued days and obviously the biggest day of my life! She thanked God for all our blessings, for bring Kelly and I together, and that we would have a wonderful life. It was beautiful and a emotional moment that we both will never forget. " - Jacqueline + Kelly | 8.7.15

"Adalyn was born on Mother's day actually so she makes every Mother's day special to me! My husband and I were getting married when she was 5 months old, and I couldn't imagine that day without her. In all the craziness of the wedding day, I was able to dress her before the wedding ceremony, and share some special time with her, my mom, and my grandmother. What a special wedding day to have 4 generations of women present!!"- Lesley + Matt | 10.12.14

"A mother is a girls best friend. From the first day I was born I looked up to my mom as my hero, and forever friend. This moment was so special to me especially because of the amazing bond we share. If there is anyone in this world I could count on without a doubt it's always my darling mother. I wanted her to know that no matter how old I get, I will always be mommy's little girl. I hope to be a amazing mother figure in my child's life as she has been in mine. My rock, my mom, my friend for life. I'm forever grateful for our bond. "- Lindsay + Jordan | 10.15.11

"This picture shows nothing but tears of joy! My mom raised my siblings and myself all on her own throughout my whole life, and it was a great accomplishment for her to see her middle child getting married to someone that is very dear to her heart. My mom has always put her children first, and just to see her eyes filled with tears, I could not hold mine back either. I am honored and blessed to have a mom that is beautiful, selfless, and caring all in one!"- Sara + Cody | 12.5.15

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