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Friday, May 27, 2016

Lauren and Matthew are Featured in the Limelight | Italian Club | Ybor FL, Ybor Weddings

Lauren met Matthew met at the University of South Florida Herd of Thunder Marching Band but didn't start seeing each other until while together at the Tradewinds. Matt, calculating this, proposed to Lauren there, with its special significance and she said yes.
These two are gems! There is a kind and a beautiful way about them. You can see how patient and kind they are with one another and with all their friends and family. I saw through out the evening how they were pulled in every direction with such love and affection from all there! They have dealt circumstances of great measures and supported each other with such a loving zest. This kind of love is thick and thin, it knocks difficult times in the knees, it is the kind of love we should all aspire to have.
The wedding showed this beauty amongst many other little moments, strength and happiness and celebration also remembering love lost in a most respectful manner. She wrote that her venue and décor she anticipated to reflect elegance and class, while that held true the two showed that even more so!  I wish these two the dearest of love and happiest of life! Congratulations to Lauren and Matt, here are a few of our favorites!

Venue | Italian Club
Event Coordinator | Dona with the Italian Club
Wedding Gown | Isabell O'Neil
Florist | Eve's Florist
Makeup Artist and Hair | Lili's Weddings
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Videographer | Lexoria Wedding Films

 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0000collage.jpg  photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0002.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0009.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0052.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0059.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0070.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0080.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0084.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0087.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0089.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0093.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0139.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0167.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0206.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0211.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0230.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0237.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0245.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0249.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0281.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0287.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0314.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0342.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0383.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0396.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0429.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0443.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0529.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0534.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0541.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0548.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0554.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0555.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0556.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0586.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0590.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0592.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0603.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0620.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0628.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0635.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0637.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0673.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0683.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0687.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0696.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0843.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0845.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0849.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0853.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0855.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0988.jpg
 photo 5.14.16LaurenandMatthewJO0991.jpg

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