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Friday, May 27, 2016

Maria and Joseph Featured in the Limelight | Museum of Fine Arts, St Pete FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer

Maria and Joseph chose to have a unique wedding in the garden of the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Pete.  It was such a gorgeous day out and a perfect setting for a wedding.  I loved how they included their giant labradoodle, Riley to be the ring bearer, he even wore a tie for the occasion.  Maria and Joseph were friends for much of their life and were destined to be together forever... they were joined by all of their family and friends, many coming all the way from upstate New York, to be a part of their amazing wedding day.  
I am so honored to have been able to capture these memories for them to look back on.
Congratulations Maria and Joseph.

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Dj ~ Grant Hammond
 Make-up ~ Michele Renee 
Hair ~ Michele Renee 
Ceremony & Reception location ~ Museum of Fine Arts
Catering ~ Olympia Catering 
Cake ~ Olympia 
Flowers ~ Potting Shed Florist  
Officiant ~ Michael DeArruda 
Planner ~ Anastasia Malissovas

 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0018.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0024.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0033.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0094.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0108.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0124.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0138.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0149.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0170.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0171.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0172.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0184.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0239.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0246.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0252.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0262.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0267.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0334.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0346.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0384.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0395.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0404.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0423.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0460.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0470.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0499.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0502.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0515.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0546.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0550.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0556.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0564.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0571.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0576.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0592.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0609.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0740.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0747.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0755.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0769.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0802.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0823.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0824.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0833.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0839.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0930.jpg
 photo 5.13.16MariaJosephCC0951.jpg

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