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Friday, September 16, 2016

Leigh and Michael Featured in the Limelight | Hilton Downtown Tampa, FL | Tampa Wedding Photography

Leigh and Michael met at the University of Central Florida, where Michael got her number at a local bar and restaurant.  He proposed at the Viscera in Miami and thus started their wedding day plans.

Leigh and Michael were such a delight to work with... their day was quite amazing with so many beautiful details, soft colors and many, many family and friends.  What makes this wedding super unique is that there were two bride's and two grooms... yep you heard me, it was a special day for two beautiful sisters to share in together.  These two girls decided to share their wedding day with each other and their whole family along with the groom's families as well.  I had the pleasure of working with another Limelight team, Jess and Carlos, so that each Bride would have their wedding day captured perfectly.

A special thank you to Sandy Rule with Sandy Rule Events for orchestrating this incredible event! Sandy worked with Leigh and her family side-by-side for 14 months to create the vision, organize the logistics and give attention to every last detail. Hat's off for a job well done! I absolutely loved all the details that came together to create the perfect backdrop for this double ceremony and reception. Thank you to CONCEPTBAIT and everyone else involved... The wedding and reception was perfect, full of laughter, love and good times.  A cotton candy champagne toast that was dedicated to Leigh and Aimee's mother was one of my favorite parts of the evening.

 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0000collage.jpg

Lead Photographer ~ Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer ~ Stephanie Duffany

Vendors that helped make this day perfect

Ceremony and Reception Venue ~ Hilton Downtown Tampa
Cake ~ Publix Greenwise
Event Planner ~ Sandy Rule Events
Florist ~ Conceptbait
Hair Stylist ~ Gena Dunn, Auricle Salon
Make-up Artist ~ Destiny and Light
Videographer ~ Randall Productions

 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0002.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0003.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0006.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0030.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0041.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0049.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0058.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0067.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0080.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0083.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0148.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0156.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0163.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0176.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0212.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0234.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0240.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0246.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0294.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0296.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0303.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0322.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0325.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0326.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0328.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0333.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0337.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0366.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0371.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0376.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0387.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0399.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0404.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0411.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0431.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0676.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0724.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0751.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0782.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0806.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0829.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0840.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0844.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0846.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0854.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0864.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0875.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0978.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC0985.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC1025.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC1186.jpg
 photo 9.04.16LeighMichaelCC1227.jpg

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