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Friday, September 16, 2016

Aimee and Korey Are Featured In The Limelight | Hilton Downtown Tampa | Tampa FL, Tampa Bay Weddings

Aimee and Korey met in highschool. Throughout the years and the distances while in college their love grew. They experienced some major highs and major lows while dating but it only created a stronger more durable bond. Korey asked Aimee to marry him infront of her family and she ofcourse said 'yes!'. The uniqueness of this story just begins. Her sister also recently engaged, decided together that as close as they were, as close as their families were it would be best to have a double wedding. With the help of their coordinator Sandy Rule with Sandy Rule Events, they worked on a romantic and classic event with a beautiful spirit of love surrounding every aspect of their day in every little detail down to the last drop.This wedding was not only to celebrate in the marriage of two amazing couples for their proud families to witness together but also in honor of a member in the family that was of great significance to the sisters that has passed from this world, their mother.  You could see the legacy their mother left by the beauty of the two beautiful brides' inside and out! Little sentiments were sprinkled throughout the day but more so you could feel her spirit there with them the whole way. It was a beautiful day with as everyone gathered together in celebration of two fine couples. I worked closely with Aimee and Korey, both were so kind with such a fun spirit about them! We saw this more at the very beginning of the reception as all the guests gathered around for traditional Jewish dances, we were literally elbow to elbow as they danced around Aimee and Korey, Leigh and Michael in full love and celebration for both couples. Bringing in Aimee and Leigh's dad into the very center. The dancing and celebration continued, with a beautiful champagne toast fluffy cotton candy on top of each flute for all the guests, toasting to the beautiful evening but also the girls honored their mother at this time with a speech and a special song for their mother as everyone linked arms. There was hardly a dry eye during this time and you could just see the love in the room not just for an important member lost but even more so for the two couples that stood before them, both starting on their new journeys. We want to congratulate Aimee and Korey as well as Leigh and Michael! May God continue to bless you as you build your lives and families together!

Lead Photographer | Jess Orthober
Associate Photographer | Carlos Rellos

Ceremony and Reception | Hilton Downtown Tampa
Florist and Design | Conceptbait
Wedding Gown | Brides by Demetrios
Event Planner | Sandy Rule Events
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist | Destiny & Light
Cinematography | Randall Productions

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