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Friday, September 16, 2016

Debbie and Chris Featured in the Limelight | Ritz Carlton Sarasota | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

Debbie and Chris had a beautiful destination wedding day at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, FL. Friends and family flew in from around the globe to join these two in a travel themed seaside ceremony. These two met through work and became good friends and over time realized there was something more. Chris planed a trip to the same location at the airport where they last shared a tearful goodbye, in this trip, Chris dropped to his knees, ring in hand, and proposed. Debbie could barely say yes through all the tears :) Together they enjoy traveling, trying new places, movies, dinners, and time with family and friends. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and relaxed reception in one of the hotels lovely ballrooms overlooking the lush gardens. It was great to fun to work with this sweet couple and congrats to the newlyweds!! :)

Lead Photographer | Ann Fuentes
Associate Photographer | Dafne Spencer

Ceremony Site ~ Ritz Carlton Sarasota
Florist ~ Beneva - Laura 
Invitations ~ Papyrus
Officiant ~ A Wedding with Grace
Reception Venue ~ Ritz Carlton Sarasota
Wedding Gown ~ Teri Jon(Neiman Marcus)
Brides Shoes ~ Jimmy Choo

 photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0000collage.jpg
 photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0015.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0032.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0046.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0053.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0062.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0068.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0078.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0097.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0118.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0125.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0128.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0153.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0166.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0182.jpg photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0172.jpg    photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0180.jpg photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0183.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0191.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0195.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0208.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0212.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0218.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0237.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0248.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0247.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0255.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0273.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0288.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0294.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0309.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0317.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0334.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0339.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0344.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0354.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0390.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0393.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0404.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0412.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0416.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0421.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0428.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0437.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0445.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0450.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0453.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0454.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0477.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0481.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0486.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0487.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0494.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0495.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0505.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0511.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0520.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0526.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0528.jpg   photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0536.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0585.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0606.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0616.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0641.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0643.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0649.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0656.jpg  photo 9.4.16DebbieandChrisAF0658.jpg 

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