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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lori and Jason Step into the Limelight | Ft. Desoto Park | St. Petersburg, FL Engagement Photography

I had a great time meeting up with Lori and Jason for their engagement session at Ft. Desoto in St. Petersburg, FL. It was a beautiful day to capture these two in all their bliss. They brought along their baby, Stella, and wow was she having a blast throughout the shoot! The adventurous spirit these two share led to us finishing up the evening in the ocean. It was great fun to work with this couple and congrats on the engagement!! :)

Lead Photographer | Ann Fuentes
Engagement Ring | International Diamond Center
Engagement Ring Salesperson | Tim Huffish | IDC Clearwater Location 

 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0030.jpg
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0010.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0012.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0019.jpg
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0016.jpg
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0020.jpg  
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0035.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0039.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0042.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0053.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0056.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0061.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0066.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0079.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0083.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0089.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0100.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0109.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0115.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0138.jpg  
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0147.jpg 
 photo 9.14.16LoriJasonAF0153.jpg
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